Keep Up with Technology

New Technologies come and go every day, but not all of them deserve the attention. Some of them are really good but do not prove so popular due to different reasons. Fortunately, there is Wordpress which came up a couple of years ago and since then was permanently improved and it gained a popularity very fast. This simply smashed any competition, as it incorporates features which make a site content management an easy job, something which can be done by everyone with limited computer knowledge. Considering that everything is SEO oriented, you got a nice package to work with.

But what make Wordpress so different compared to other frameworks?

  1. Own domain name

    WordPress is a well known blogging platform for self hosted blog. Self hosting means that a user can choose any hosting provider and install the wordpress software. The user can choose his own custom domain name instead of sub-domain name

  2. Free to use

    Using WordPress for your website means low site costs. WordPress itself is free, a theme can be realatively cheap than a static website and it allow you incredible flexibility regarding the site appearance.

  3. Easy to manage

    WordPress is easy to use by any means. If you can send an e-mail, use Microsoft Word or set up a Facebook account, then you can use WordPress. And normal use doesn’t run the risk of mucking up the design. It’s designed to be used by non-techies too.

  4. Flexibility

    The most interesting and useful part of WordPress are its developers. There is largest number of developers available for WordPress in the world. WordPress provides lots of options for developers to develop plugins, themes and software.

  5. Incredible SEO Boost

    Search engines love WordPress. It comes with self ping feature. This feature sends ping to different search engines while every time the blog updated. Also there are lots of plugins available for WordPress which can extent WordPress reach.

  6. Latest ‘must have’ services

    Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS feeds and blog commenting allow people to directly interact with your business (if wanted)

  7. Popularity

    So as you can see WordPress is massively popular, it is also recommended by Google’s very own front man Matt Cutts in his 2009 conference. There is a large community of WordPress enthusiasts which update the software platform and can solve many challenges.