Welcome To Our Site!

Who we are?

We are a team of highly talented and enthusiastic IT experts that aim to offer QUALITY SERVICES at COST-EFFECTIVE rates!

We offer you great packages in the field of Website designing, Software development, Web development, Offshore development. This place is the one stop shop for Information Technology and Software Solutions.
We offer a great expertise for the following area:

  • Wordpress development
  • Wordpress consulting
  • Theme coding
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Custom Plug-in
  • Custom Widgets
  • Wordpress SEO Services

We use the latest technologies available on the market to achieve these goals
Used Technologies - Apache , PHP, MySql, jQuery

What do we do?

Discipline, formalized process, structured approach and yet high flexibility together with creative ideas give us an advantage of handling project activities perfectly well, like project planning, architecture and design decisions, software testing. Main outcomes are: high quality source code, project predictability and visibility: you will always see the development process in great detail, intermediate results to play with and comment on.

Are our services suitable for you?

Our past works speak for us, but you may want to answer yourself:

  • Do you want a website that creates positive feeling of liking?
  • Do you understand the impact, a professionally designed website can have on your business?
  • Do you want a site that you can manage yourself?
  • Do you love to make your competitors jealous of you?
  • Do you want to attract more customers?
  • Do you want to generate leads?

What clients said about our work?

It is rare that you find someone that communicates perfectly from start to finish on a project but with this provider it was just that. He had every bit of knowledge he claimed, unlike many providers, and was able to fulfill every task requested. He went above and beyond for us and will definitely begetting future business from us

Absolutely Magnificent Provider. Went way beyond the call of duty and has done far beyond my expectations. I am definitely going to use again. Thanks a Million!

Why we are different?

We believe in extraordinary customer service. We return EVERY email or phone call promptly–most of time, within an hour. We treat our $200 projects the same as our $2,000 projects. Every client has our full attention and dedication. This means we don’t overload our schedule and take on more projects then we can handle just to bring in more revenues. If we take on your project we give you 150%!

We also do not charge for revisions. We revise and revise and revise, until the client is 100% happy. And we do it with a smile, every time. No client should feel guilty for requesting changes that will lift the final product to its fullest potential.

When we deliver our completed files to you, the first thing you will notice is that everything is cataloged and in proper folders, and organized in such a way that any designer or developer that comes after us, will easily find what they are looking for and have no hassles going behind us in our files. This is NOT the norm. Many programmers leave their files scattered and unorganized and when you go in behind them months later to make changes or update pages, you spend hours trying to navigate through the chaos and waste valuable time. We don’t believe in that hit and run methodology and our work reflects that. This method requires extra time, but we believe it is worth it.

Some people don’t feel that the above services are necessary. They need a project done quickly and cheaply and are focused on the here and now. And that is totally OK. There are plenty of providers out there that will do projects quickly and cheaply. But our strengths and the clients that choose to work with us, are ones that focus on long-term benefits, job integrity, extreme professionalism, and dedication to deliver the high quality product.