WordPress E-Commerce Sliding Cart Cache Control

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What is the cache process?

In the last few years Google put more and more SEO points on the site loading speed. You may already read this article on How to Improve your WordPress E-Commerce Site Loading Speed. So one of the best methods to get a better speed it’s to use a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache.

My site use cache now, but the sliding cart stooped to work

Since everything it’s cached on disk/memory the sliding cart will display the same information’s until a new cache page it’s generated. This plugin take care of that and improve the sliding cart default widget by using a javascript/AJAX call to dynamically load the information. Practically on a each load, the sliding cart retrieve the last data for the current use, just like before the cache install. The site loading speed it’s not affected in any way, practically, it does a AJAX call once the page it’s fully loaded. You can see an example on how it works on this site.

Supported WP E-commerce versions:
All 3.7.x Series
All 3.8.x Series

Price: $15.00 (One-Time, Not recurring)

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