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How to retrieve the sticky posts for a sort

The default WordPress Sticky functionality is very limited. It allows to put a post on top of the list which is pretty much everything about it. Beside other missing functionality, there is no control over order, making the list totally uncontrollable.

WordPress Plugin autoupdate API integration code example

Once the variables / constants are defined and included within the plugin code  as described on Software API Integration code example a new variable constant is required, which is the current plugin code version. This will be used by API to compare against the latest version on shop server. A plugin auto-update code can be inserted within […]

Software API Integration code example

  Any software can use API functionality, this is a sample usage on a licence key activation call: You should observer the concordance between the data on the plugin code and the product on the server The code above need to be inserted before any API calls. A simple activation calls will looks like this:

API Usage

The built-in API interface is a convenient way to allow your software to communication with the WooCommerce Software License API. Calls are initiated through either POST or GET method. Additional code examples are included within the plugin downloadas well as in our documentation area Software API Integration code example. The following methods are available: activate […]

Filter – Apply sort for default next_post_link() and previous_post_link()

A sort will apply to all next / previous side-wide navigation links if the Next / Previous Apply option is turned on. In case this need to apply only when certain conditions are fulfilled . The follogin filter can be used ‘apto/navigation_sort_apply’ The above will makes the code to apply the customized sort on navigation […]

Understanding Sort List Settings area

Each Sort use it’s own settings, meaning they will not affect other order lists. Only Admin and SuperAdmin (in case use MultiSite environment) can see the Sort List Settings area. The Sort List Settings area consist of three sections: Query Rules Conditionals Interface Query Rules This contain information’s regarding the sort query rules and to […]

Sample Usage

The Advanced Post Types Order plugin does all work for you when Autosort setting is turned ON, however in certain situations custom queries are required to be run along with Autosort turned OFF. Return feature post types objects, using the order set for the archive (all feature post type items): Return feature post types objects, […]