Customise order for WPML content with Advanced Post Types Order

The most versatile and flexible WordPress plugin which turn your website into a multilingual ready, called WPML become a unique piece of code which is a must have. those days. Easy to use, intuitive to navigate, publish and you are ready to go multilingual. Recently many WordPress themes and plugins had designed for WPML compatibly, […]

Advanced Post Types Order – Changelog

4.5 Release Date – 21st January 2022 Update Nested Sortable for comaptibility with jQuery UI Sortable 1.13.0 WordPress 4.9 compatibility 4.4.5 Release Date – 20th November 2021 API host update 4.4.3 Release Date – 12th November 2021 PHP 8.0 Compatibility check Fix Notice Required parameter $output follows optional parameter $depth 4.4.2 Release Date – 19th […]