Ip to Country

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This plugin is not maintained anymore! Please consider searching on another place.

This is the most accurate plugin of it’s kind which provide into an easy to use format the country details for a given IP.

This works on booth IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The database is stored locally which will ensure a great speed for the code and a prompt response from the plugin class. The usage is extremely simple, only the IP is need to be provided otherwise it will use the client IP.

Example of usage

$ip2c = new ip2country();
$country_code = $ip2c->get_country_code();

This will return the following array:

  • $country_code[‘country_name’] – Country Name for the client (computer)
  • $country_code[‘country_code’] – Country ISO Code for the client (computer)

Since no IP was specified, the class will automatically identify the computer IP and use that.

If you need to get information’s for a given IP, this need to be provided for the get_country_code() as it show next:

$ip2c = new ip2country();
$ip = ‘’;
$country_code = $ip2c->get_country_code($ip);

The information’s are very accurate as it use the latest available information’s for that purpose.