Add numbers to items within the sort list interface

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The Advanced Post Types Order plugin is based on jQuery Sortable UI to implement the drag & drop interface. As default this use the Unordered List tag (ul). For better control, some users might find easier to see ordered list (ol) instead which output numbers for each item in the list, accordingly to position in the group.

The interface become to the following:

This require a filter usage and a bit of code :

    add_filter('apto/sort_interface/list_type_tag', 'apto_sort_interface_list_type_tag');
    function apto_sort_interface_list_type_tag( $list_type_tag )
            $list_type_tag   =   'ol';
            return $list_type_tag;

The custom code should be placed inside theme functions.php or within a custom plugin.