How to set Sticky posts using Advanced Post Types Order

Starting plugin version 3.1.5, Sticky functionality is a great way to optimize your website, by keeping content updated and most valuable information on top of other data.
Set Fixed Position (Sticky) for objects in the list so they will always show first. When publishing new posts, the sticky objects will stay in same position as defined.


A sticky position is defined by a number, which will set the post as fixed position in the list.


Conditionals and sort query rules can apply, for making a sort to match exact section of your site (i.e. front page, archive, search etc). This helps to promote (keep in same position) certain articles, posts, ads, general data which is important for SEO and Marketing campaigns. – See more at:

  • Jesse

    Can i set Sticky for a post only for certain term and sort? Or it will work the same as WordPress applying everywhere..

    • nspcode

      Absolutely, Sticky functionality works for every sort / sort view individually. So a post can be Sticky on Archive, while it sort by default on any other section.

  • Hello!
    I updated the plugin to 3.2.5 but I can’t see the Sticky icon, so I can’t use this feature.
    Thanks in advance!

    • nspcode

      Can you try to clear your browser cache?


      • Great! It works but now I get a php warning, please look at the attached file .
        (if you prefer I can write you a private message from the website!)

        • nspcode

          This should work fine, please send a private message and someone will check into this.

  • Silvio

    Hello, I just installed the plugin but I have a problem. When I click on the “make sticky” icon no number appears on the left and it re-directs me to the blank page How can i solve?

    • nspcode

      There should be a JavaScript error produced by another plugin / theme can you check with the browser console?