Advanced Post Types Order

Effortlessly customize the order of Posts, Pages, and any Custom Post Types with the Advanced Post Types Order plugin - your ultimate sorting solution without any code modifications.

This plugin enables reordering for any custom post types you've defined, whether manually or through plugins/themes, including default Posts and Pages. With extensive functionality, it makes sorting any content on your front website a breeze. The plugin code is meticulously maintained, with continuous efforts over the years to introduce new features and ensure perfect compatibility with the latest WordPress releases and other plugins.


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Complete control over sorting on your website.

Discover the ultimate solution for seamlessly arranging and managing every aspect of your WordPress site with unparalleled efficiency and ease. A comprehensive tool that empowers you to effortlessly sort and organize every element to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Advanced Post Types Order

Effortlessly organize custom post types and their displayed content on your website, including default posts, pages, and media.

Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order

Tailor the order of your taxonomy terms with the convenience of a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Advanced Post Terms Order

Enhance the arrangement of taxonomy terms for individual posts with a straightforward and intuitive interface.

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  • Seamless integration with the WordPress and plugin ecosystem. No need for any code modifications.

Plugin Features explained

A concise compilation of articles detailing the numerous features and functionalities of the plugin, providing comprehensive insights into its capabilities.

This will allow you to create custom sort lists through the Front End of your site. This is a sample of how the sort interface will appear: During the last years the WordPress become one of the best Content Management System, the features and a great interface, also the ease of usage makes the best […]

In the latest iteration of the WordPress Advanced Post Types Order plugin, version 3.1.5 introduces a powerful and versatile feature known as Sticky Posts. This functionality serves as an invaluable tool for website optimization, allowing you to strategically maintain updated content and showcase essential information prominently at the forefront of your site. The Sticky feature […]

Ordering the WordPress custom post types by a Custom Field value has never been easier since the latest version of the Advanced Post Types Order plugin. Forget about long codes, template files, error messages and lots of tries, just use a simple interface, chose the options and the plugin does the work for you on […]

The most versatile and flexible Wordpress plugin which turn your website into a multilingual ready, called WPML become a unique piece of code which is a must have. those days. Easy to use, intuitive to navigate, publish and you are ready to go multilingual. Recently many WordPress themes and plugins had designed for WPML compatibly, […]

Starting version 3.5.2 a new functionality has been implemented, Through a callback user function certain order can apply to a sort. This is run automatically on sort match, meaning no manual order maintenance is required. This is useful when no manual sort intend to be used due to complexity or maintenance requirement time, on automatic […]

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