Sort WordPress custom post types through Front End

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This will allow you to create custom sort lists through the Front End of your site.
This is a sample of how the sort interface will appear:

During the last years the WordPress become one of the best Content Management System, the features and a great interface, also the ease of usage makes the best environment for a serious website. There are certain functionality which is not available either planed to be implemented giving the complexity, the Advanced Post Types Order plugin got the content management a step further and fill a gap in the WordPress core by implementing the possibility to sort any custom post types. We all know how important is the data and texts positioning on front site, as this will make the difference of retain a visitor interest or make it go away. Time is an important aspect for everyone, so making the important things show first will be a huge benefit all.

Recently the Advanced Post Types Order got an important update, any sort type is now possible through front end. This is an important feature for those who do not allow users to access the admin interface. The feature is available in a form of WordPress shortcode which can be used within any page, post or any custom post type, like a regular shortocde.

The shortcode format has been updated since V3 series, if you own an older version please update or check Sort WordPress custom post types through Front End – V2 series instead.

Sample Usage
[apto_reorder sort_id="82"]


sort_id *required Output the interface for a given sort list id.
[apto_reorder sort_id="82"]

hide_archive This will hide the Archive sort type from the interface. Only the taxonomies will be show for re-order.
[apto_reorder sort_id="82" hide_archive="true"]

The interface will look like this:

capability The required capability of a user which will be allowed to create the sort. If the user role does not contain that attribute, nothing will be output. For more details about user capabilities and allowed caps see Roles and Capabilities
[apto_reorder sort_id="82" capability="edit_pages"]
This shortcode will allow to sort for Editor role and up.

Similar to admin interface, For a given selection, a manual drag and drop capability is available or automatic through which order by ID, name, random, date, custom fields, etc will automatically apply: