Premium Plugins - Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order

Define custom order for your taxonomies terms through an easy to use javascript AJAX drag and drop interface. No theme code updates are necessarily, this plugin will take care of query update. The new terms order can be used for admin interface too. Certain taxonomies can be chosen to be re-order while others can stay as before.

How to change the taxonomy terms order?

The wordpress taxonomies are an excellent way to manage the custom post types into groups for easy manipulation. Unfortunate nothing come as default to help to organize the taxonomy terms when it come to order. Practically, a basic order can be implemented at the code level, but no custom terms order is available, the codex documentations say:

  • id – Default
  • count
  • name
  • slug
  • term_group
  • none

But how to define a custom taxonomy terms order?

This plugin bring in the possibility to define a new terms order and have the objects displayed in the way you need. Everything it’s done through an easy to use javascript and AJAX interface, using drag and drop technology. All you need to do is to drag, hold and drop the taxonomy term bar in the place where you want to show.

Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order Plugin Interface

The new terms will always appear in front of the existing. You can always re-order everything per your new requirements.

Is there a way so the wordpress can take care of the terms order by certain specifications ?

Absolutely, this is a recent new feature which will allow you to chose an auto sort for a certain taxonomy so the terms can be order by :

  • Creation Time / ID
  • Name
  • Count
  • Slug
  • Random

Chose the appropriate option and the plugin scripts will take care for you of the queries and update the taxonomy terms you chose.

Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order Plugin Interface

You can also specify the order for Ascending or Descending.

What terms i can order?

Any custom taxonomy that you use on your site, will be show on the plugin interface to allow the terms sort. Also upon the hierarchical/non-hierarchical taxonomy structure, the plugin will show the terms preserving the relationship with parents/childs.
The taxonomies are grouped within the custom post types you use, if a post type called ‘feature’ use taxonomies like ‘Feature Category’, ‘Movies’, ‘Peoples’ within the Taxonomy Order plugin interface all these will be show so you can make a selection for which taxonomy you need to order the terms.

Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order Multiple Taxonomies Interface

What other features the Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order include?

One of the most interesting feature is the possibility for the plugin to automatically update the queries so you can display the custom terms order without changing the theme files.

The plugin allow to set the admin interface to display the taxonomy terms using the custom order or the default by name.

Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order Admin Interface

Taxonomies terms sorting can be done within the default WordPress interface using a drag & drop functionality, or separably through Taxonomy Order menu interface.


I need a feature which currently is not included, is there something i can do?

Most of the features that a regular user use within a wordpress CMS are already included in the plugin, also we constantly update the plugin code and add new things. But if you need a certain requirement, you can contact us, we will do the best and make that happen.

See actual full order interface images

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