Filter – Add Custom Role / Modify exiting – Minimum capability to use this plugin

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This filter can be used to add a Custom Role or to Modify existing role capability. The minimum capability setting is used to show the re-order interface to certain roles.



The following code will add a custom role also modify the Subscriber role capability to something else:

add_filter('apto/get_roles_capability', 'theme_apto_get_roles_capability');
function theme_apto_get_roles_capability($roles_capability)
        //add a custom role 
        $roles_capability['Custom Role'] = array(
                                        'title'         =>  __('Custom Role', '_my_localize_prefix_'),
                                        'capability'    =>  'read');
	//modify the custom capability
        $roles_capability['Subscriber']['capability']   =  'custom_capability';
        return $roles_capability;

*This code should be used within a theme or a custom plugin.

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