Applying a different capability for Administrator when using Advanced Post Types Order

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By default the Advanced Post Types Order plugin use the ‘switch_themes’ capability for Administrator role. There are situations when this capability is not available or is been removed or relocated for another role, meaning administrators are not able to see or change a sort.

The following code show how to change the ‘switch_themes’ to ‘activate_plugins’ capability.

//capability to see the re-order menu interface
add_filter('apto_reorder_capability', 'custom_apto_reorder_capability');

//capability to allow a new sort to be created
add_filter('apto/wp-admin/reorder-interface/view-settings-capability', 'custom_apto_reorder_capability');

//individual tabs view. This overwrite the default capability set through sort setting
add_filter('apto/wp-admin/reorder-interface/sort-view-required-capability', 'custom_apto_reorder_capability');
function custom_apto_reorder_capability($capability)
        $capability =   'activate_plugins';
        return $capability;