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Is no secret that Google it’s getting to put more and more SEO weight on the site loading speed. Getting a good hosting it’s a must, definitively you should think twice before to buy an account.
Making a search for a Hosting will reveal thousand of Companies, but which actually it’s the best for you? From our experience, we find out that the price it’s not the the factor which dictate a good or bad host. On other words getting an expensive host doesn’t always means it’s better than a cheaper one. During the years, we tried lots of hosting companies some they were good, while others where really bad. It turn out in some situations we have to seek and move on other hosting since the server where in fact very slow.
But which make the difference? We believe the experience, there are couple hosting companies which offer such services for years, obliviously if they resists to competition for so many years they must be doing this on the right way.

One of the best and our recommendation is the HostGator. This hosting company was born in 2002 and since then it keep grow, for some time it’s the largest in the world. This simply works the best with wordpress and e-commerce sites. Giving that they provide unlimited Space and Unlimited Bandwidth, practically there are no limitation to get your site on top. The best part is the price, their service starts at $3.99 per month which is really hard to find out there, for what they provide.
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How to improve the speed of my WordPress and E-Commerce

As we all know Search Engine Optimization it’s the key to a successfully on-line business. Giving the large hints list available on the internet this become easier than ever, this is not an abstract area as before.
Wordpress E-Commerce it’s the best plugin available ans it’s starting to successfully compete with others platforms specially due to the latest wp e-commerce improvments. The roadmap for further releases looks great, the wp e-commerce will definitely become one of the best available solutions for a cheap, easy to set-up and manage e-commerce. Giving the fact it’s free to use and use the wordpress as framework, which it’s the best CMS on these days, there is no impediment on it’s way to go the very top. (more…)

WordPress E-commerce 3.8 RC4, the final release near the corner

In WP e-Commerce 3.8 you’ll find new user interface and new features as custom post types for products, massive database optimizations and better template integration for designers.

  • Tax fixes for per product tax
  • Shipping same as billing fixes
  • Code cleanup
  • Translations now are loaded before we try to access them
  • Secured debugging page
  • Fixed pagination in category pages when products page is set as home page
  • Stock control fixes
  • Added AJAX indicator when changing sale status
  • Added filters for packing slip and emails sent to customer
  • Fixes for features products
  • Fixed upgrade process
  • Fixed multiple downloads