How to show posts only for current category and not include childs, when view the re-order interface

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For hierarchical taxonomies like Categories, the terms can take a parent-child structure scheme. This helps for a better organization of the customs port type objects assigned to the categories.

Sometimes, the themes and plugins, when query and outputs categories, specify a taxonomy argument called include_children. If set to TRUE, the query returns only direct post objects assigned to queries taxonomy term and not including the child of current terms ( which is the default behavior ).

If the case, the re-order interface is also required to show only direct assigned post objects, for easier sorting. This is easy to achieve through a custom filter apto/interface_query_args using the following code example:

    add_filter( 'apto/interface_query_args', '_apto_interface_query_args', 10, 2 );
    function _apto_interface_query_args( $args, $current_sort_view_ID )
            if ( ! isset ( $args['tax_query'] ) ||  ! is_array( $args['tax_query'] )  || count ( $args['tax_query'] ) < 1 )
                return $args;
            foreach ( $args['tax_query']    as  $key    =>  $data )
                    if ( ! is_array ( $data ) )
                    $data['include_children'] =   FALSE;
                    $args['tax_query'][$key]    =   $data;
            return $args;    

The above should be placed within child-theme functions.php file, a custom file on /mu-plugins/ folder, or a self-running plugin.