Pagination for large Sort Lists

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The Advanced Post Types Order plugin provides a Pagination functionality that allows you to split a large number of objects into multiple pages using a WordPress pagination style. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with sort lists that have a high number of items, as it helps to improve the sorting process by making it more manageable.

By enabling pagination for a specific sort, you can control how many objects are displayed on each page, thereby reducing the amount of HTML code that needs to be loaded at once. This can help improve the performance and loading speed of your website, especially when dealing with a large number of items.

Additionally, pagination makes it easier for users to navigate through the list, as they can view a limited number of items per page and move to the next or previous page as needed. This improves the overall user experience by providing a more organized and accessible way to browse through the sorted items.

Pagination for large Sort Lists - settings

A number of offset objects can be show from a previous / next pagination to facilitate an easy sort for a object across different pages.

Pagination for large Sort Lists - offset objects

The drag & drop functionality is available from / to offset lists.

The pagination functionality in Advanced Post Types Order can be customized for each sort individually, allowing you to tailor the pagination settings to the specific needs of your site. You can control the number of items per page, choose the style of the pagination links (following the WordPress pagination style), and configure other options to optimize the pagination experience for your users.