Previous Post Link – V2 series ( deprecated )

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This function format has been deprecated, see this post instead Previous Post Link for v3 series.

Used on single post permalink pages, this template tag displays a link to the previous post which exists in chronological order from the current post.

This tag must be used in The Loop.

The default WordPress function for this is previous_post_link. However this offer a very limited capability and there is no way to receive the previous post within a taxonomy term and using the custom defined order.

An improvement for that function is previous_post_type_link


previous_post_type_link($format, $link, $use_custom_order, $term_id, $taxonomy);


$format(string) Format string for the link. This is where to control what comes before and after the link. '%link' in string will be replaced with whatever is declared as 'link' (see next parameter). 'Go to %link' will generate “Go to <a href=…” Put HTML tags here to style the final results. Defaults to '&laquo; %link'.

$link(string) Link text to display. Defaults to previous post’s title ('%title').

$use_custom_order(boolean) Use the custom defined order

$term_id(int) Specify the term id from where the order will apply

$taxonomy(string) Specify the taxonomy name for the $term_id


Display the previous post link using the custom defined order from within the Archive (all posts).
previous_post_type_link( ‘%link’, __( ‘<span>&larr;</span> Previous’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), TRUE);

Display the previous post link using the default WordPress order:
previous_post_type_link( ‘%link’, __( ‘<span>&larr;</span> Previous’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), FALSE);

Display the previous post link using the order specified within categories, through term name ‘News Category’ with id 5
previous_post_type_link( ‘%link’, __( ‘<span>&larr;</span> Previous’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), TRUE, ‘5’, ‘category’ );

Display the previous post link using the order specified within taxonomy ‘Movies’, within term name ‘Titanic’ with id 10
previous_post_type_link( ‘%link’, __( ‘<span>&larr;</span> Previous’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), TRUE, ’10’, ‘movies’ );

Return the previous post link using default order from taxonomy ‘Features’ within term ‘Design’
previous_post_type_link( ‘%link’, __( ‘<span>&larr;</span> Previous’, ‘twentyeleven’ ), FALSE, ’15’, features’ );