What new goodies Wordpress 3.1 bring in?

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Although I am aware are still many who have not upgraded to WordPress 3.0 for various reasons – incompatible themes or plugins or “antique” proclaimed recommendations WordPress Guru, etc., were announced a few days ago in WordPress development blog by some of new features for version 3.1.

Some general ideas about what is new in WordPress 3.1 is expected to be released somewhere until December 15th.

If you use WordPress.com management are familiar with the bar offering quick access to most functions of a blog. It seems that a similar version will be introduced for self-hosted version and will not be enabled by default, which is a good idea. It seems that QuickPress and will be introduced as a theme template tag which means that soon we should expect a fast direct frontpage editor, something quite similar front-end editor plugin.

Internal Linking allows searching blog contents and internal linking to any resources. A plugin which will be built on new functionality, to get an idea of why and how, is Link to Post.

A feature for those using WordPress MU to be introduced in 3.1 is a clearer separation of the dashboard for a blog that is centralized and network. Since I have two bloage with a relatively extensive network can only rejoice.

Administration will again receive some visual changes “spiced” with more opportunities AJAX and sort / search more advanced than today.

As usual will be incorporated into a number of bug fixes. A stable beta version will be released somewhere in the second half of November.