What’s Wordpress 3.1 all about

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After perhaps the longest development cycle in the history of WordPress versions, beta releases and 5 RC 2 was released WordPress version 3.1. I must admit I liked the approach that “When it’s ready used this version, similar to Drupal’s philosophy.

I have written in this time about what new features make WordPress 3.1, I explained how to disable the bar management, but there are many more to mention.

First it should be noted that the administration interface is much faster, sorting articles and comments is much faster, without refresh, by AJAX and blue theme administration suffered some styling changes. Editor of items is less crowded, most essential widgets being disabled by default. Visual editor has been “cleansed” of bugs and should behave better now.

Developers will be delighted with the improvements, especially on the part of CMS to WordPress. More than likely repeat myself, but WordPress is not much just a simple blogging platform.

We post formats – the right of the three supported the theme Twenty Ten, but they are interesting opportunities for development. For example, all Tumblr-style WordPress themes, themes that have become quite popular lately, are easier to implement.

Finally archives for custom types are built-in posts, and menus are more easily integrated and customized. MU WordPress administration panel has been redesigned and is more intuitive, not just another dashboard.

Worthy to note is that WordPress 3.1 is the latest version which will support PHP 4, the standard version 3.2 will be PHP 5. There should be a major problem, most găzduitorilor providing support for PHP 5, some even exclusively, but now you have a reason to move from a dozen different Hoster.

WordPress 3.1 significant figures than 2000 commits more than 820 tickets in Trac resolved, some of them on the old version 2.7. All this was made more than 180 developers involved in the entire development process. That said, click, click and update! 🙂