WooCommerce Up-sells Sort

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The new WooCommerce 3.0 is a great update, it lays the foundation of a powerful, flexible and scalable ecommerce framework, and it greatly improve the shop experience for administrators and customers.

Despite the great features and functionality WooCommerce include, there are still missing options. Many users asked on a way to sort the Up-sells products specified within the admin at Linked Products. As default this is not possible. Even more, they are outputted on front side in random order, not even in the other they where add-ed.

The Advanced Post Types Order introduced a functionality to make that happen. Now, Drag & Drop can be used within Up-sells select box to customize the order.
First the ‘WooCommerce Up-sells Sort’ setting need to be turned on from plugin settings page:


At this point the sorting functionality is available at every product page:


Simply move items around to match the sorting requirements, then Update the Product page. The Up-sells order will change on front side accordingly.