Customizing sort through default post type archive interface

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Customizing the sort for a site content is the key to improve SEO ratting and keep you in business. Any new visitor will navigate your page just a bit before leave for another site, if not find quality information. Placing the best products and articles in the relevant spots is the way to catch a rushed eye.

Advanced Post Types Order plugin provide excellent tools to manage everything when it come to content sorting, moving things around is a breeze job, re-ordering can be achievable through provided intuitive visual interfaces.

To make sorting even easier, a new functionality is now available, any custom post type can be sorted directly within default WordPress archive interface. This is useful specially for users who don’t want to deal with additional menus and prefer to stick with provided WordPress default interfaces. Is also a convenient way to manage order without leaving the admin post type archive page.

The process of setting-up drag and drop order for a post type interface is simple, it start by creating a sort list of a particular post type which is intended to be sorted. More details upon the effectively sort creation can be found at Create simple sort for a Custom Post Type To use this functionality the Admin Sort option need to be active, so any order will reflect on post type interface as well:

Customizing sort through default post type archive interface-admin-sort

Once sort created a new setting show up, this also need to be active:

Customizing sort through default post type archive interface-Allow sorting within default post type interface

At this point everything it’s set-up and ready for sort to be customized within the post type interface. This will work for all archives including all, any taxonomy term filtering, paginated etc.

Customizing sort through default post type archive interface-drag-and-drop

The new order is being saved within post type menu_order attribute, also within sort list for further usage.

The drag & drop sorting inside the default WordPress interfaces is available for non-hierarchical post types. Otherwise the Re-Order interface should be used.