Sorting WooCommerce Products within Attributes

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Beside Categories and Tags, WooCommerce include another important way to group products, called Product attributes. This can be Color, Size, Model, Material, you name it. The WooCommerce Attributes is a requirement being used when set-up variable products.

Mainly there are two usage of this data type:

  • Used along the “WooCommerce Layered Nav” widget, which works based on attributes. If used within site, customers can filter the products based on selected attribute.

  • The other way to use the attributes is via Variable Products.

Sorting of WooCommerce products within Attributes is an easy task, this can be achieved through a drag & drop interface using either Simple Sort or Advanced Sort set-up. The easiest method would be to use simple set-up as it provide a single place to manage all existing attributes order in a single interface.

In this particular example, we created an attribute called Collection, the sorting interface appear like this:

Once the product sorting customization completed, the order will apply on front side accordingly.