Manual / Automatic sorting type usage

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The Advanced Post Types Order plugin support two types of order, Manual and Automatic.

Manual Order

The Manual Order type consist of a drag and drop sortable AJAX-ed list which allow manual customization of order.


The interface also include additional functionality to help with post filtering, which include date filtering, search, move on top, move on bottom of list, go to edit post. etc. Extensions can be implemented for the interface using filters. Also a Show Thumbnail feature is included to allow an easier object identification within the list.


Automatic Order

The Automatic Order type will allow sort automatization, there is no need for manual maintenance as the order is updated on the fly. All new posts which match this sort will fall under the same order rules.


Supported Order:

  • Default / None
  • Post ID
  • Author
  • Title
  • Slug
  • Date
  • Modified
  • Comments Count
  • Random
  • Custom Field

Multiple order attributes are allowed through fallback functionality, including multiple custom fields.


Additional details on how to use the Custom Fields order type can be found at How to order WordPress Posts using a Custom Field value

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Cyprus Mail Mod 2

I bought the advanced Post Types order plugin yesterday but have been unable to sort. In the plugin list the order of post changes but when I go to the website and view the order has not changed.


Please get in touch with us through Contact and we will check into it.

Cyprus Mail Mod 2

Is there a way when one can only filter by date. For example to be able to list all posts as they are (no other taxonomy) for a given date/period and use that list to drag and drop and change the sorting appearance of posts?


Sorry but i’am not sure i fully understand the exact scenario, can you get in touch with us through Contact with more details?

Eric Tetreault

I have wasted countless hours following the instructions on this site trying to get a simple blog category to sort. This program looks like it would be easy to use, but that is definitely not the case.


Sorry you must be missing something obvious, try checking with those small tutorial articles, it should give you a good idea about plugin functionality

Mainly you just need to make sure the sort AutoSort setting is set to Yes. This will make the order to auto-apply on front side queries, that’s it.

Since you own a paid code, you can always ask for help, one of our support guy will respond in a matter of few hours. Use the contact form.

Nicki Lloyd

Hi! I am thinking of purchasing your plugin. Could you please confirm whether you able to filter by category and sub-category and then manually re-order? Thanks!


Hi Nicki,
I confirm you can customize the sort within categories and subcategories, for more details please check at


Nicki Lloyd

Excellent. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Kind regards,