Using Conditionals for sorting apply

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Conditionals are a great way to control the sort apply in case of Auto Sort usage. This will ensure the order is applied for a required area only if all conditionals are fulfilled. Multiple groups of conditionals can apply making this fully configurable and adjustable for any situation.


Multiple type of conditional can be used like Home, Page, Url, Feed etc using comparisons like Is, Is Not, Contain etc.


Additional conditionals can be created through filters see Create a new Sort Conditional.

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Laptophobo (Ricardo)

Do you have a step-by-step tutorial for this? When I activated my Advanced version of the plugin, the sort order I created in “re-order” does not display. I then tried to make sense of the Conditional interface, but since I am not a coder, I’m sort of stuck here.

Laptophobo (Ricardo)

Sorry, your tutorials are not working for me. I’ll send you a message via Contact Us to see if you can assist hands-on.
Thank you.


Sure, we can help.

Coen Boomkamp

Hi, let me try to get in touch this way.

I am trying to make a sort list for a category “Drinks”:

I was able to do that with a taxonomy. But when I filter on “Tee” under “heiße Drinks”, the order of the products change again.

I want to make one sort list for an entire category, and keep that order when filtering further in the products.

Your colleague Dan said this was possible, but he isnt answering my mails for the last 2 months.

If this requires some custom code, that won’t be a problem, we are willing to pay for good support. Please respond asap.

With kind regards,