Documentation - Actions / Filters - Filter – Admin – Hide sorts for certain users

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Filter – Admin – Hide sorts for certain users

This filter allow to hide certain sorts for specified users. It control the required capability to show the current sort tab.

Filter name: apto/wp-admin/reorder-interface/sort-view-required-capability
Since 3.6


  • $sort_required_capability – the capability being required for the sort to be available for current user
  • $sort_ID – the sort ID


The following code will change the required capability to edit_posts which means a Contributor will be able to se and use the re-order interface.

add_filter('apto/wp-admin/reorder-interface/sort-view-required-capability', 'custom_sort_view_required_capability', 10);
function custom_sort_view_required_capability($sort_required_capability, $sort_ID)
        global $userdata; 
        //check if current user ID id 10 then hide the sort if ID 52
        if($userdata->ID == 10  && $sort_ID == '52')
                //assign a capability that current user do not include 
                $sort_required_capability  = '_not_included_capability_';

        return $sort_required_capability;

*This code should be used within the theme or a custom plugin.