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Filter – apto/order_reset

Name: apto/order_reset
Type: Filter
Arguments: $sort_view_ID

This filter is triggered when resetting the current sorting order in the Advanced Post Types Order plugin. It allows developers to perform custom actions or modifications when the sorting order is reset, providing flexibility and extensibility to tailor the plugin’s behavior according to specific requirements. Developers can utilize this filter to integrate additional functionalities or apply adjustments upon the resetting of post types order, enhancing the overall user experience and customization capabilities of the plugin

    add_filter('apto/order_reset', 'custom_order_reset_function');
    function custom_order_reset_function( $sort_view_ID ) 
            if ( $sort_view_ID == '100' )
                    //..more code.. 

The code should be placed inside a php file on wp-content/mu-plugins folder or theme functions.php.