Premium Plugins - WooCommerce Software License

The WooCommerce Software License plugin provide an easy and secure way to manage product licensing, software update, maintenance and protection. The WooCommerce Software License include an API module which facilitate software activation, de-activation, evaluation check, update. Prebuilt integration code examples are provided through the package, so any software can include licensing functionality, key activation with a minimum effort. Help support is available by our software engineers.

Licence keys can be generated through integrated interfaces, this can be done automatically and manually by client or administrator. A licence can be set-up within admin product page and contain different settings like maximum keys, allowed instances / domains for a licence key etc.

The plugin is created to be run as out of the box solution, no changes / updates are required anywhere on theme or other code. Additionally this come with default styling for the front and admin interfaces so everything will display on the same style as other areas.


The plugin was created keeping in mind the end user perspective, meaning everything is self explanatory and easy to understand. All interfaces use a same style as WordPress core and front theme, to make the integration flawless. Also all interfaces are driven by a JavaScript engine using AJAX interactions to facilitate fast and easy to follow actions.

These are few of plugin main features:

  • Product licence Fully Manageable, by specify licence prefix, maximum number of allowed keys for the product, number of instances that a key can be assigned to (unique functionality on market)
  • Set Expire licence through an easy to use and intuitive interface (more details at Create expiration for license product)
  • Single / Multiple License Groups per product to allow different type of keys to be generated i.e. developer keys (unique functionality on market)
  • Predefined licence keys usage or fully generated through internal system
  • Admin and user(purchaser) separate interfaces for an easy keys management.
  • Custom API interface Cache Module to facilitate a very fast database interaction. The module reduce all server resources (CPU and Memory usage) concluding to an incredible speed. Compared to other solutions (WooCommerce API Manager) this goes up to 35 times faster (unique functionality on market)
  • Allow individual licensing group (licensing setting) for each variations.
  • Full product metadata including version, author, url, requires, update notices, description, installation guide, screenshots, change log etc.
  • Easy licencing procedure for any product either physical or virtual.
  • Secure automatic software updates through the WordPress dashboard, code example are included.
  • Sell software individually, as variable products, as bundles, chained, grouped, or any combination that drives sales.
  • Custom My Account license user template, which facilitate client keys management. Template file available to change the same way as WooCommerce theme works
  • Self licence keys management, a user can view, generate, de-activate, delete any purchased product licence keys.
  • Admin can view and manipulate any order license keys.
  • Automatic key generate on order complete. The licence keys are sent along with purchase confirmation e-mail.
  • Full API control for licensing management which include Activate, De-Activate, Status Check, Software Update, Software Information,. Licence Key Delete
  • API Error System to return help texts and hints upon erroneous or inadequate calls.
  • Secure software update links which are provided in the same format as WooCommerce core.


Full documentation available at WooCommerce Software License Documentation

Price: $39.00 (One-Time, Not recurring)