Apply customized order to search results

A default search returns the found objects for all site custom post types. This makes difficult a sort to be created, which will apply for the search result, as is require all objects to be displayed in the list, which for large sites means thousand of items.


Sort WooCommerce Products while automatically put the Out of Stock items at the end of list

Sorting for WooCommerce Products is a simple process. The Advanced Post Types Order cover all possibilities to match any type of sorting, automated or manual drag&drop. The article at WooCommerce – Sort Products which belong to multiple categories descriebe the basics to get it started.

Add “Jump to Position” icon for items in re-order list

The re-order interface uses a drag&drop functionality which makes the sorting process very easy. Using a mouse or tap gesture for mobile devices, the items can be dragged and dropped up and down, uppon the required order. The process is generally fast and takes coupe minutes for arrangements of 50-100 objects.

On large lists, when pagination is not being used, the drag & drop of items up and down might become slower, as the page also need to scroll along with the mouse positioning. The “Jump to Position” feature, is a great way to quickly move an object at a specific position in the list, by entering the required position where the item should be re-located:


How to disable Archive selection on a sort interface

When creating a simple sort the selection area outputs the Archive and all taxonomies assigned to a particular custom post type:


How to Limit the number of order indexes in post queries

When using Auto Sort functionality, The Advanced Post Types Order plugin apply the order automatically on front side. This works very easy and does not require any coding skills, the customised order is inserted automatically in all front/dashboard queries which match the sort set-up.


Retrieve posts per customised order through JSON REST API

The JSON REST API service, fully implemented into WordPress since 4.7, provides a great way for other applications to connect. This is a huge step forward, as it can communicate and exchange data regardless of what languages an external program uses.


WooCommerce – Sort Products which belong to multiple categories


Probably the best choice for e-commerce under a Wordpress environment, WooCommerce deliver all the juice you need for a successfully e-commerce business.  WooCommerce is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. (more…)

Customizing sort through default post type archive interface

Customizing the sort for a site content is the key to improve SEO ratting and keep you in business. Any new visitor will navigate your page just a bit before leave for another site, if not find quality information. Placing the best products and articles in the relevant spots is the way to catch a rushed eye.

Advanced Post Types Order plugin provide excellent tools to manage everything when it come to content sorting, moving things around is a breeze job, re-ordering can be achievable through provided intuitive visual interfaces.

Pagination for large Sort Lists

The Advanced Post Types Order plugin provides a Pagination functionality that allows you to split a large number of objects into multiple pages using a WordPress pagination style. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with sort lists that have a high number of items, as it helps to improve the sorting process by making it more manageable.

By enabling pagination for a specific sort, you can control how many objects are displayed on each page, thereby reducing the amount of HTML code that needs to be loaded at once. This can help improve the performance and loading speed of your website, especially when dealing with a large number of items.

Additionally, pagination makes it easier for users to navigate through the list, as they can view a limited number of items per page and move to the next or previous page as needed. This improves the overall user experience by providing a more organized and accessible way to browse through the sorted items.

Pagination for large Sort Lists - settings

Apply Archive Order to Taxonomies Terms / Categories, if no custom order is defined

When migrating from free Post Types Order, on activation. the Advanced Post Types plugin automatically import the previously customized order. This is saved within Archive area, since this is the type of sorting the free code is capable off. The other areas as taxonomies terms like categories, inherit default sorting by date as there’s never been applied a customized order.